We create custom classical music pieces for your baby.  Each piece is completely unique - every note is hand-written, recorded and offered to you as a life-long keepsake in the form of a recording as well as an artful, framed manuscript. We are confident that a Père piece is truly like no other gift in the world.


How It Works

 1. Tell us about your baby. Send us something you think best represents or describes him or her. This could be anything: a video, pictures, maybe a poem or a story. Your description will help inspire the composition.

2. A week after we receive your description we send you a 30 second sketch of  the composition.

 3. Upon your approval, we complete the rest of the composition in 7-10 days.


Père Music Gift Package, $800

  • A high-fidelity audio recording, delivered as a .wav and .mp3 file. Additionally, you will forever be able to access your song through an exclusive PereMusic.com microsite.

  • A printed manuscript on archival paper, mounted in a beautiful black frame. You also receive additional .pdf copies of the parts, should you want to have the piece performed live! 

  • The original handwritten manuscript. 

As featured on WNYC's Soundcheck!

Père featured on May 22, 2013 

Père featured on May 22, 2013 


About Me

Ken Christianson, composer and founder of Père Music.

Ken Christianson, composer and founder of Père Music.

In 2013, my best friend became a first-time parent, and as a gift I composed a classical music piece to celebrate their newborn. I wanted to capture and express the spirit and personality of their baby boy as well as their parents. I have been a musician and composer for nearly my entire life. I began playing piano and violin at the age of 4; I wrote my first piece for solo piano at the age of 8. I fell in love with classical music very early on, and I hope to spread the joy of classical music I've experienced over the years to you and your family through Père. Père is a celebration of classical music and a celebration of life. Every composition is special to me and I consider each one "my babies." If you are newly parented, congratulations, and I look forward to welcoming you and your newborn to the Père family! 




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