Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process like?

To start the process, email with some info about you and your loved one. We’ll reach out to you ASAP to discuss pricing and more about your special song. To get started, we require a 50% deposit. After this initial information is gathered, we will spend a few days creating melodies and harmonies perfectly inspired by the personality of your baby. When we’re happy with what we’ve got, we’ll send you the beginnings of your custom baby song. At this point we’d love your feedback or approval on the song’s general direction. Taking into consideration your notes, we'll finish up the rest of the song. We’ll send one last audio file for you to review before we create a high quality recording of your custom baby song. Upon completion of payment, we’ll make the audio file downloadable for you in whichever format you like and we'll ship the music.

How long does the process take?

Typically, we’ll finish the entire process within 4 weeks (not including shipping, if applicable).

How much does shipping cost?

We will ship the framed sheet music domestically, for free. International orders vary.

Why do you require a deposit?

Crafting music for each individual baby takes time, so we only accept as many orders per month that we can handle while still maintaining a high standard of quality. Taking a deposit reserves your spot.

Do you offer gift wrapping?


Do you offer gift certificates?


I don’t like the black frame. Can I pick another?

Let us know when ordering what you’d like and we can see if we can make it happen!

What is the instrumentation?

All standard Père pieces are a quartet: two violas and two violins. If you would like an arrangement with some other instrumentation, please email us and we can discuss details!

How long are the songs?

Typically, 2 minutes. However, because each song is completely unique, the length of each song will vary.

What if I don’t like the music you wrote?

We know that what we're creating is extremely personal and everlasting, so we take your thoughts and feelings on the direction of our songs very seriously. We offer you a chance to review our work and provide direction after our initial musical sketch. If you are getting cold feet before that initial review period, we'll gladly offer a refund. Unfortunately we cannot refund your deposit if we've already taken and implemented feedback on a sketch.

How is payment made?

Currently, payment can only be made through PayPal, Venmo and personal check.